Client Testimonials

“When my ex unexpectedly filed for divorce and full custody of my young boys, I had no idea what to do. Thankfully, a friend of mine recommended I talk to Kurt Schnelz. He said that Kurt was one of the best attorneys in the state. I went to Kurt and I’ve been thankful for that decision ever since. Kurt knows the law inside and out, but just as importantly, he understands the process and how things work. He didn’t waste my time or money on insignificant items. He asked what was important to me and focused on making that happen. My priority was the well-being of my kids and I have no doubt that was Kurt’s priority as well. He cared about me and he cared about what happened to my kids. Kurt’s hard work resulted in me getting custody of my sons and they are happy, well-adjusted, young men today because of that outcome. I have no doubt that the outcome would have been different if Kurt had not been my attorney. It has been 6 years since Kurt settled my divorce and he has helped me countless times since and I have no doubt that my friend’s opinion of him was correct. Kurt is the best!”

Brandon S.

“As a new single mother, I found myself consumed with worry over what my daughter’s future would look like. Mr. Schnelz walked me through the steps we would take to ensure financial security for her. Throughout the entire process, his communications were timely, he set realistic expectations for outcomes, was empathetic, and most importantly, was able to provide the end result that I had hoped for. His entire staff was professional, friendly and extremely efficient. Mr. Schnelz and his team exceeded all of my expectations.”

— Megan S.

“I was involved in a contentious divorce at no fault of my own. Kurt worked very hard to remove the emotions from the matter and focus on a fair and equitable solution. Kurt’s mastery of the law, his reputation with his colleagues and his tenaciousness were advantageous. Kurt was especially artful as a strategist. His thoughtful consideration of all legal matters allowed me the best defense possible.

Kurt gets respect in the courtroom and also cares about his clients. I can recall getting a call from Kurt on Thanksgiving day, just checking on me to make sure I was managing the stress of the divorce. He cares.

I am very appreciative that I had a highly competent, respected and caring attorney to manage my important legal matter.”

— Michael L.

“After 39 years of marriage I never thought I would be in a position to need a divorce lawyer. Unfortunately, my ex-husband decided he wanted out of our marriage after being unfaithful for over three years. He was part owner in a family business so our divorce case went beyond our own personal assets and liabilities and we had to get other business experts involved.

I was very fortunate to be referred to Kurt Schnelz by someone who knew of him and his reputation. This individual said “if I needed a divorce lawyer he’s the only one I would hire.” That was a pretty strong endorsement.

From our first meeting on I felt very confident in his ability to represent me. He was accessible and prompt in all our correspondence both on the phone and by email. He always listened and clearly explained things to me during every step of the process. I always felt we were working together on my case and he kept me informed. I knew he understood my situation and used effective litigation strategies throughout the year-long process.

A divorce involves legal as well as financial and emotional matters. As a seasoned and experienced matrimonial lawyer he represented my interests and dealt expertly with my case. He was smart, well-respected and was always honest with me. His credibility with our judge and with other lawyers made me feel much more confident with my case and his abilities. Finding the right lawyer can make the divorce process much easier. With Kurt Schnelz I believed from day one that he would help me achieve a fair settlement. I can’t say how thankful I am with my final judgment. Looking back I didn’t realize at the beginning how important it was to hire the right attorney.”

— Diane P.

“I had been retired for 18 years, when my wife informed me that she was no longer in love with me and wanted a divorce. Now, we had been married for almost 50 years and in all honesty, I never saw this coming. She did not want to seek marriage counseling, she just wanted a divorce. My life long plans for us went up in smoke.

I was devastated, but knew I needed to get a lawyer and a good one at that. I was familiar with Kurt Schnelz and knew he was the lawyer I wanted to represent me. Kurt agreed to meet with me to discuss my situation. He was completely open and honest about the fact that I had a very long marriage, with a wife who was now disabled and in accord with Michigan Divorce Law I could possibly lose half of everything we owned, including my pension, all savings and investments as well as our home.

Kurt is a compassionate man who understood what I was going through and yet he knew that I needed to fully understand what it was that I was about to face. All I can say is after months of negotiation and mediation, the court approved a settlement that was overwhelmingly in my favor and far exceeded my expectations.

If you need a lawyer who will listen and fully understand your emotional situation as well as your financial and material circumstances; then Kurt Schnelz is the Lawyer you want to represent you.”

— John D.

“My daughter contacted Mr. Schnelz to assist her in a paternity suit. Mr. Schnelz came highly recommended. From the beginning, I was very impressed with his commitment to her case. Throughout the process, Mr. Schnelz was easy to contact, responded to her questions in a timely manner, and formulated a very positive resolution to her situation. Mr. Schnelz is a very caring professional. I highly recommend him.”

— Larry S.

“I am a party to an extremely high-conflict divorce and custody case, and currently, I have been represented by Kurt Schnelz of Schnelz Wells PC, for nearly three years. Before Kurt represented me, I was in Court very frequently, sometimes weekly, and I reached the point where I began searching for a family law attorney that I was hopeful could make a difference in my case. I talked with multiple lawyers, but I didn’t feel that any of them were the right fit for my case until I met Kurt.

From the start, I have always felt assured that Kurt was able to handle the complicated details, and he has worked diligently on my behalf to bring quick resolution to issues that arose. He has been responsive when I contacted him, he has acted with integrity in the accurate representation of fact, and he has been able to keep the focus on the true problem. Kurt quickly gained an understanding of how to effectively interface the other party in my case, which helped to stop the escalation of conflict and bring some peace to the situation. Additionally, the legal filings that have been prepared by Kurt and his team have been excellent, and Kurt has always been well-prepared and professional when going to Court. I have greatly valued his expertise and advice through the years, and I am grateful that I am no longer in Court nearly as frequently. However, I think the thing that most sets Kurt apart from other lawyers is his personal investment in caring about the best outcome for me and my children, and that makes all the difference in the world to me. I have personally recommended him to one of my family members, and I would recommend Schnelz Wells PC to anyone in need of their services.”

— Melissa O.

“When I needed an attorney to help me through a divorce from an abusive marriage, my niece recommended Kurt Schnelz and I am very glad I chose to follow her recommendation. Right at the start, Kurt said he liked to handle situations like mine in the most gentlemanly way possible and he favored a personal phone call from him to inform my husband of my filing rather than having him served. Kurt also told me I would be entitled to be recompensed for the monetary difference of our social security benefits going forward which was something I did not know I could ask for.

My husband chose a young, budget-priced, inexperienced attorney, a choice he later told me he much regretted.

Throughout the process, Kurt was supportive to my situation and encouraging to me. He was diligent in working through the delays caused by my husband and his attorney. The outcome was a settlement that was amiable to both parties.

I feel Mr. Schnelz is thoroughly knowledgeable and did an excellent job in handling my case. He kept me informed and always responded to my calls or emails. He explained my options to me and made excellent recommendations. I could not have asked for a better attorney.”

— Elaine N.

“The Schnelz Wells team did a fantastic job helping me and my family through a challenging divorce and custody dispute. Consistently, Kurt and his team demonstrated a fair-minded and caring approach that encouraged the best possible outcome for the family, while protecting my financial and legal interests. I highly recommend Schnelz Wells PC, for family matters.”

— Laurie C.