Developing Practical Custody Solutions To Fit Your Family’s Needs

Child Custody and parenting time (previously referred to as visitation) can be among the toughest contested issues between divorcing couples and unmarried parents. Determining custody and parenting time arrangements is one of the most important decisions you will make. It sets the tone for the family and frames the relationships each parent will have with their children in the future.

In all custody and parenting time cases, the most critical factor to consider is what will be in the best interests of the children. To meet the needs of your children and protect your rights as a parent; it is essential to enlist the support of an experienced and expert family law attorney.

For more than 30 years, Kurt Schnelz has successfully represented individuals involved in all types of custody and family-related legal disputes. Kurt works diligently to identify the individual needs of his clients and helps develop customized solutions to assist you in achieving your legal goals.

Modifying Custody And Parenting Time Agreements

There are many reasons an individual may wish to modify an existing custody or parenting time agreement. Some circumstances may include:

  • Scheduling changes for parent or children
  • Serious health issues for parent or children
  • A parent wants to relocate
  • Problems involving physical, mental/emotional or substance abuse
  • Parent failing to meet custody or parenting time obligations
  • Parent hoping for more time with children
  • Death of a parent or family member

If you wish to seek (or oppose) a modification to an existing child custody or parenting time agreement; attorney Kurt Schnelz has the experience and resources to assist you with all child-related legal issues. As a skilled negotiator and seasoned trial lawyer, Kurt explores every option for resolving your case out of court but is prepared to advocate for and protect your rights at trial.

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