Trusted Guidance For Your Family’s Legal Concerns

Family disputes are profoundly personal and can become very complicated. When legal issues arise in your family, it is essential to have the support and guidance of a compassionate, experienced family law attorney. For more than 30 years, Kurt Schnelz has dedicated his practice to helping individuals and families through all types of family-related legal matters.

As a proficient negotiator and seasoned trial lawyer, Kurt is prepared to advocate for you through every phase of your case. He commits the same level of personalized attention and care to every case and works diligently to guide you through the process while helping you achieve your legal goals.

Strong Advocacy And Personalized Legal Strategies

Getting through a family law matter, regardless of the circumstances, is stressful. At Schnelz Wells PC, we understand the delicate nature of these cases, as well as the significant impact they can have on your future and that of the family.

Kurt Schnelz represents individuals, families and business and professional practice owners throughout Michigan involved in wide variety of family-related legal issues. Whether you are:

  • Going through a divorce (including same-sex and high-asset)
  • Struggling over how to divide your marital property
  • Need to draft a prenuptial agreement
  • Wish to modify (or dispute) an existing custody agreement or financial support obligation
  • Fighting for paternity or grandparents’ rights

It is essential to have an experienced advocate by your side. As a dedicated Michigan family law attorney, Kurt Schnelz works closely to identify your needs and explores every opportunity for resolution. If an out of court settlement proves unlikely, Kurt is fully prepared to protect and promote your rights at trial.

Protecting Your Best Interests

Attorney Kurt Schnelz’s personalized approach provides significant support and works hard to ensure that your best interests, always remain as the top priority.

Contact our firm online to schedule a consultation with Kurt today, or call our Birmingham office at 866-344-3812.